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“Treatment: Invisalign ---- Absolutely phenomenal experience! Dr. Crosby took the time to sit down with me in the very beginning during the initial consult to understand what my teeth are doing and to walk me through the entire treatment. Dr. Crosby is incredibly knowledgeable and patient in that he takes the time with every single patient, to explain the start of the treatment to the end in addition to what I can expect throughout the entire process. What an incredible orthodontist. I couldn't be happier that I had the opportunity to be a patient under Dr. Crosby.” -Kevin B.

Dr. Crosby & his staff are amazing!!! My teeth are SO much better, my overall small has improved greatly and they are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is right!! I really appreciate their attention to detail as well!! Crafts in the lobby for kids, chapstick, pens or sunglasses to take, always something fun!! Friendly and professional for sure!!! -Alisha S.

“Two of my four kids got their braces with Dr. Crosby. I wish I had known about him with my first two ... He was remarkable! Works with you on payments, easy scheduling, and the BEST assistants ever!” -Ericka S.

“Ok ok....let me just start with the ain't cheap but come on, I'm here for Invisalign so I don't want cheap, I want quality results and excellent customer service and that's what I've received thus far. Every staff member is informed and helpful. On a money front, prices are competitive and this orthodontist knows what he is doing. If you plan on having your teeth moved, go to a specialist who knows what's up! Go to Crosby!

“I love Dr. Crosby and his amazing staff. The whole team was incredibly accommodating when I needed to change an appointment or I forgot to wear my aligners. I was so nervous to have my teeth straightened as an adult but I am very happy with the results and glad I did. I traveled from Rockwall because I was told he was the best and couldn't agree more!!!” -Tatum

Dr. Crosby is definitely the go-to guy for Invisalign. He was very thorough during my consultation, and I had a clear understanding of the process. He is an elite preferred provider, and told me that he even teaches about invisalign at dental school. There are dentists who offer it, but is better to go to an orthodontist.

The office is very modern with an open layout. They have all of the latest technology for x-rays, and treatments. He also treats a fair number of adults for orthodontics.

If this is something you are considering, I would definitely go in for a consultation. It is a little pricey, but so are boob jobs, and people get them all of the time. My insurance covered a chunk of it, and then they have payment options.” -Keli B.

“I've been coming here for a little over 2 years now and have nothing negative to say about Dr. Crosby. The office was recently upgraded and is located on Campbell about 2 mins from the old one. I like the layout of the office more now and it's a little more relaxing. Some people may not like that there is no "privacy" but I don't have a problem with it. I will say though, that I've never been to an office with an open layout like his. Dr. Crosby is very good at what he does and won't stop until he gets it right. That's a great quality to have for an orthodontist. I love my teeth so it's important to me that I go to someone who is passionate about results. Invisalign is not the cheapest thing but so worth it in my opinion. They also have great payment plans which is convenient.” -Sara T.

“Hey Yelpers! Hey Girl, Hey Boy, Hey Listen up. Here I am writing to you 5 years after my initial set of invisalign. My teeth look phenomenal and a few stubborn teeth are not PERFECTO so the crew here are so amazing that even though it's been so long, we are getting even more perfect at minimal cost. my first review said, cost was never my concern, it was having the best Dr and teamwork on my smile. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE FOR MY TEETH. I can't even express how pleased I am with my results but what's even better is that long term, the health of my teeth will be better because Dr. Crosby's work. Do not choose anyone else in Dallas if you are considering this treatment. BEST team EVER...evah evah--evah evah” -Tina H.