OrthoPulse Treatment

What is OrthoPulse?

OrthoPulse is a photobiomodulation treatment, otherwise known as light-accelerated orthodontics, which is used in conjunction with InvisalignÂŽ braces to stimulate tooth movement. It pulses light energy throughout the bone beneath your gums, helping accelerate the time needed for InvisalignÂŽ treatment. The treatment is the first of its kind that has been FDA approved for use with both InvisalignÂŽ and traditional braces. Our professionals at Dr. Doug Crosby Orthodontics are well-versed in the latest technologies, including OrthoPulse, and offer our patients the most advanced treatment options so you’ll spend less time in the orthodontic office and more time enjoying your beautiful new smile.

Why is OrthoPulse used?

You may be a good candidate for OrthoPulse treatment if:

  • You are currently using braces or InvisalignÂŽ treatment for a cosmetic dental adjustment
  • You would like to speed up your braces/InvisalignÂŽ treatment time
  • You are able to self-administer the treatment for ten minutes daily

What does OrthoPulse involve?

You can find out whether you’re a good candidate for OrthoPulse at a complimentary visit with Dr. Doug Crosby. We’ll examine your current dental condition and discuss your treatment options with you before making a final decision. If you and your orthodontist decide to move forward with light accelerated orthodontics, you will be given your new OrthoPulse retainer and case to begin using at home.

Self-treatment with OrthoPulse is easy, safe, and fast. You can do it while watching TV or reading a book, and it only requires that you place the retainer in your mouth and then leave it for about ten minutes each day.

What are the benefits of using OrthoPulse?

There are a number of benefits of visiting Dr. Doug Crosby Orthodontics for light accelerated orthodontics to supplement your braces or InvisalignÂŽ treatment. These include:

  • Quick treatment time of just ten minutes daily
  • Can be self-administered from the comfort of your home
  • Accelerates the time needed for braces or InvisalignÂŽ treatment
  • Is removable and not necessary to wear throughout the day
  • Safe technology that has been tested in clinical trials

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