This is service we are proud to provide to our patients.

  • We file ALL PRIMARY insurance policies.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield plans are filed, but payments go directly to policy holder.
  • Having orthodontic insurance coverage will help in reducing your out-of-pocket expenses for orthodontic treatment.
  • Prior to your initial examination, we ask for your insurance ID, Telephone # to verify insurance prior to your exam, to allow the estimated insurance be part of the fee sheet presented at the exam.
  • Prior to your initial examination, we ask that you become familiar with your benefits and have all correct insurance information filled out.
  • Keep in mind it is extremely important to NOTIFY US of any insurance changes throughout your orthodontic treatment.

FYIs About Insurance Policies:

  • EACH policy is different.
  • Some require meeting deductibles and can have waiting periods.
    This is especially important if insurance changes during orthodontic treatment.
  • SOME insurance may not pick up coverage if changes are made.
    It is recommended to check with any new insurance for continuation of coverage prior to changing.
  • Insurance benefits ARE NOT paid in a LUMP sum when the claim is filed.
  • The payments are spread out monthly, quarterly, biannually or even annually depending on your plan.
  • Therefore, if you cancel your policy before full benefits being paid fully, the remaining balance will become your responsibility.
  • Some insurance policies consider extractions as part of the orthodontic treatment, resulting in less benefit.
  • We strongly recommend becoming familiar with your dental policy, so you are aware of how YOUR policy works for you.

If you have any question, please call us at (972)680-9882