Dr. Crosby is proud to offer his Invisalign patients digital impressions. That’s right no more goop, gagging, or patient discomfort commonly experienced with traditional alginate impressions.

The digital scan procedure is less invasive, takes less time than traditional impressions, and produces a more precise image for the doctor which results in a more effective treatment plan and better orthodontic care for the patient. What’s more, the digital scanner uses visible light, so you won’t have any exposure to radiation during the procedure!

Invisalign has partnered with the iTero Cadent digital imaging systems and Dr. Crosby will be the first office in the state of Texas to utilize this new technology and provide it to his patients. It’s orthodontics gone 3-D!

The iOC scanner is a digital orthodontic impression system powered by iTero technology. The iOC scan quite literally produces a perfect digital image and is easily performed by our certified orthodontic assistants in a fraction of the time taken to prepare the traditional alginate impressions.

Studies show that the digital impression system is less invasive, more comfortable, and more effective than traditional impressions.

The iOC scanner uses visible light, so there is no exposure to radiation during this procedure.

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